Will Mothballs Keep Squirrels Away From Your Home?

will mothballs keep squirrels away

Some people insist that moth balls also known as Naphthalene and Paradichlorobenzene, are a good remedy for keep squirrels from causing issues around your home and repel squirrels. The truth is that this method is harmful, and you should not use them.  They also have so many negative aspects that you could write an entire book on them.

Those with children, pets, elderly people, etc., in the home, should be especially careful because the toxins in the balls could interfere with good development or aggravate existing health issues. Pets may accidentally consume them and be poisoned. There are many other squirrel repellents available in this article.

Moth Balls Are Toxic

While this method may seem to be working, they are also very toxic to wildlife. When you introduce this method, you are essentially making the choice to kill squirrels not just repel squirrels and possibly other wildlife as well. Squirrels will stash them in places where other animals can get into them and be harmed. It is cruel to make a choice that can affect so many different lives.

Spreading Pesticides All over Creates Problems

If you are into natural solutions for pests, do not be fooled into thinking that this method is a humane and natural solution. Moth balls contain pesticides. So when you use them widely, you are spreading these substances into areas where they should never be found. Squirrels can carry the balls off and drop them into a water supply, for example.

Sprays for pests can have a bad reputation. The truth is that some are probably a lot safer than moth killer products. Sprays will dissipate over time and are not in a solid form that can be distributed as widely. Sprays are far less easy for anything to get a hold of them and consume them.

These moth killer products contain some nasty chemicals. When one thinks about this a bit, it is not that surprising that this is the case. How else do you think moth balls could perform the task of protecting items from insects for many years in a confined space that might have a very large amount of insects that need to be kept at bay?

Moth balls can make their way into spaces that they were not meant for because when they are widely used they can roll or drop. You may think you picked all of them up and disposed of them only to keep discovering more. Rodents may even carry them places and hide them. So you never know when one will pop up after you dispose of what you see.


This pesticide has been around a long time. It has some very nasty side effects if a squirrel or any other living creature ingests it. Naphthalene is made of coal and crude oil but is also naturally produced when things burn. Cigarette smoke is a prime example of something that emits naphthalene. When this is consumed, it can cause very serious health problems or even death if enough is consumed per pound of body weight. Symptoms of naphthalene poisoning include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and discoloration of urine. Inhalation or skin contact can cause some symptoms if there is enough exposure.

If a mammal eats a moth ball, they can quickly develop a condition called hemolytic anemia. With this condition, red blood cells break apart and don’t carry oxygen to your vital organs as they should. This is extremely serious. If there is the slightest suspicion that a person or pet consumed a moth ball, a physician should look at them immediately. Or call your local poison control center.  A squirrel that consumes a moth ball in even a small quantity will suffer a cruel death.


Although slightly less toxic than naphthalene, paradichlorobenzene can still cause some of the same symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and dizziness if you are exposed to it. This chemical was released in the 1940s as a fumigant for moth control. It worked so well it is still being used in moth killer products today. It appears that this chemical leaves the system within hours but it is still not a good idea to be exposed. You don’t want pets or wildlife to ingest it.

Getting Rid of Squirrels Is Not Worth It

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When you use this method, you are putting all the pets and animals in your area at risk of exposure to these terrible toxic substances. If your dog or cat gets ahold of any of these moth killer products, they can become very ill or even die. It is not worth it using moth balls to keep squirrels away when there are better solutions.


You can deter squirrels more humanely controlled using squirrel traps however do not use peanut butter as it prevents them from eating other foods.  You will need to make your home less hospitable to discourage squirrels by removing bird feeders as a bird feeder especially with sunflower seeds will attract all kids of unwanted animals.  Be sure to store bird seed in a trash bin that can be closed tight. Also make sure that your home is well sealed so that squirrels cannot enter your home through gaps and cracks. Squirrels love to get into attics by climbing tree branches. Ensure the outdoor trash bin is sealed and locked tight.  But don’t be tempted to put moth killer balls, flakes, crystals or bars in your attic even if it seems like there are a lot of squirrels to deal with. They will not always keep squirrels away.  An air rifle shot near them will scare them away too.

Other home remedies:

Home remedies for squirrel repellents to keep squirrels away that can be purchased at your local dollar store are cayenne pepper, garlic and chili powder. Sprinkle them on the ground near the plants that seem to be attracting squirrels.

You don’t want to see the squirrels hunting around your garden, but you also need a way of keeping them out. One great idea is using garlic as protection! The pungent scent will stop any animal from trying anything funny with those vegetables and flowers in front of their faces.

If you want to keep pesky squirrels at bay, mix either chopped jalapeño, pepper or garlic with either vinegar and water in a squirt bottle. When using these particular repellants it’s important to reapply after every rainfall or snow as just like garlic and spices they don’t work for long once the rain or snow washes them away.

Mixing cayenne pepper and petroleum jelly is a great way to keep pesky critters away. Just apply it on plants’ stems, fences or poles that are near your garden – the smell should be enough for them!

Peppermint is another natural way to keep Squirrels away. Drop some cotton balls with peppermint oil and place them around your garden for squirrel repellant.

You might think that the best way to keep pesky squirrels from raiding your backyard is by building a fence, but you could also try something more low-key like getting pets. Cats and dogs are naturally curious creatures who love playing with anything they can get their paws on–which includes chasing down any critter rustling through lawn clippings or peering into windows looking for food! While these furry friends won’t actually catch every animal in sight, just having one around will discourage most if not all of them from coming back when others aren’t there anymore.

Apple cider vinegar, fox urine, animal urine as well as dog hair and human hair can be purchase online here, click here.  Squirrels do not like the smell of apple cidar vinegar and will run the other way at the smell of fox urine.  Foxes are their predator so the fox urine can be very effective and will give squirrels the false impression that there is a threat in your backyard. These natural options can be spread or sprayed over your vegetable garden plants and flower pots especially your tomato plants. And these can all be used near your garbage bins or trash cans area.

Other Deterrents Include:

Motion-activated sprinkler systems are another good option for deterring pesky, hungry squirrels. The system will scare them off while also watering your grass and garden with just one press on the controller!

Mesh netting can also serve as an effective way to keep pesky squirrels out of your backyard. The sturdy material prevents them from chewing through or squeezing themselves into the tight knit holes, so it’s best utilized around flower beds and fruit/veggie patches where these pests would otherwise ruin what you have worked hard for!

You can protect existing foliage, as well as newly planted bulbs by installing a fence or using a Scat Spike Mat . Fencing or a Scat Spike Mat will keep the pesky squirrels out and provide an added layer of security for your beautiful yard!

More Options:

Another option to keep squirrels out of your garden is by using electronic devices. Motion sensitive lights and high-frequency sound emitters will send them running for the hills as soon as they sense these frighteners, preventing any unwanted invasions!

A great way to keep pesky squirrels from raiding your garden is by using bulbs as a deterrent. Many plants that repel these creatures have pretty flowers, but also smell bad and taste unappealing- perfect for keeping them at bay! Here are some ideas on how you can use this strategy in any size space: plant daffodils near vegetables; hyacinths or allium bulb go well with flower beds too . Lily of the Valley bulbs (the common name) could work really nicely if planted along side Rose Geranium and would be excellent around fruit trees like apple trees because their palette does not like it.  Peppermint might look nice scattered across the lawn and garden too.

Another way to keep the pesky squirrels from ruining your garden is by enticing them with tasty treats somewhere else. You might be surprised that they’re not actually eating those flowers or vegetables to wreak havoc, but they are just starving and need food more than anything! Place a squirrel feeder with corn or sunflower seeds at the edge of their property so as soon as one comes near it’ll have no choice and will leave your precious plants and garden alone.

You can do your part to keep pesky squirrels from wreaking havoc in the garden by following a few simple steps.Whether you choose one method or all of them, these will help make sure that they stay away and allow for peace-of mind while growing vegetables with confidence!

Moth Ball Over Use

Since moth killer products are so readily available, they often get overused in homes that are experiencing all levels of pest problems. Since they are sometimes already just sitting in a cabinet, it can be very tempting for the homeowner to attempt to use them to solve all their pest problems.

Sometimes pest control experts go into homes that have attempted to take care of pest issues themselves. They have to wear protective masks because there are so many moth balls being used in a home. This means anyone entering or staying there is at risk for major exposure and side effects from the toxic compounds found in moth flakes, crystals, bars and balls.

Squirrels Can Die in Your Home’s Walls or Attic

It is not pleasant to think about but if you use this method to repel squirrels you are at risk for the consequences of having squirrels die in your home where you cannot get to them to remove them. Can you smell squirrels?  If you smell a strong odor of decomposition, then you may have reason to suspect this is the case. It is not worth it to deal with this. There are better ways to keep squirrels away from your home.

Squirrels may just get used to the smell.  Even if they keep squirrels away and they don’t handle or nibble on moth killer products, they don’t like the odor. Often, they just get used to it and continue causing problems wherever they want to be at the time. This means that moth they can be just a short term answer anyway. You are risking releasing a lot of toxins into the environment around you for little gain. Apple cidar vinegar, cayenne pepper, pepper flakes are good and inexpensve squirrel repellents.

Using Moth Killer Products Requires a LOT of Moth Killer Products

If you are trying to discourage and deter squirrels, you would have to use such a large quantity of moth killer  throughout an area that the smell could easily permeate throughout your home. Having a lot of moth killer balls, flakes, crystals or bars in your attic can cause all those living in the home to experience unpleasant symptoms such as sore throats and headaches. Using moth balls long term can result in actual poisoning especially in younger people and those with compromised health anyway.

It Is Illegal to Use Moth Killer Products in Fruit and Nut Trees

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Not only is it a very bad idea to use moth killer products such as balls, flakes, crystals or bars, but it is also illegal to put them in fruit and nut trees to deter squirrels. The restrictions on the label mean it is illegal to use mothballs outdoors in apple or peach trees, where they can contaminate soil and harm children curious about their scent and shape.  Don’t find out the hard way that this law is enforced. Plus who wants to expose what they are eating to the harmful chemicals contained in moth killer products?

Fruit Tree Applications

Some pesticides for fruit tree borers contain paradichlorobenzene. The labels on these products should not be confused with mothballs and they are applied to the soil around your tree’s trunk in order kill any insects that have bored into it, after applying 2 inches deep at 1 inch away from bark (or 6 tablespoons maximum). A continuous circle of crystals needs to surround large trees but only one or two around small ones on their first year – make sure you read up about what kind will work best before hand!  You’ll also need some gloves when handling substances containing paradichlorobenzene flakes.

It’s important to keep apple and peach trees healthy by spraying them regularly. Spray for seven or eight different stages of development, depending on the type used – this way complete control can be achieved.  Preventive measures include clearing dead wood from around it as well removing dropped apples which may have been infested by bugs or squirrels before they fall into place; if there is too much space between fruits then more pests will enter than leave once we start thinning things out a bit at least every other year so less squashing happens when picking up fallen produce.  Non-toxic alternatives to controlling squirrels, deer and mammal pests include tying small bars of soap made from tallow around the trees.

Moth Balls Are for Controlling Clothing Moths and Nothing Else

There are a couple of moth species in the Pacific Northwest are known to cause damages, including clothes moths. Webbing Clothes Moth larvae can be found on webs and casemaking.  Tinea pellionella is another type that feed on fabric fibers like wool or cotton while they’re alive before molting into an orange casing which makes them invisible against a light background color.  This leaves behind their remains as evidence for other insects feeding upon it later down the line .  It’s important you know what kinds exist here so that you can treat them accordingly.

Unless you are storing clothes in a contained locker, then you should not even bother using moth balls for anything. They are designed with a single purpose in mind, and they are good at it. But you don’t want them exposed to the typical air anyone or their pets are breathing. There are also many other good ways to store clothing that will ensure that it is not destroyed by moths.

Mix ¼ cup of Neem oil in a 2-quart spray bottle. Fill it with water, then add 5 drops liquid soap and shake well to make your own natural moth killer! Another simple solution that works for many people is just mixing white vinegar (3 parts) to 1 part cold press olive oil – not only does this kill moths but cleans as you go along without leaving behind any harmful chemicals or toxic fumes like most store bought products do.

More Homemade Remedies

Sticking with the homemade theme, this mothball alternative might sound more at home in your kitchen than under a bed. Rest assured; it’s an effective concoction that many have used to keep moths away from their closets and dresses! You simply make up some sachet bags by mixing together ingredients like lavender, rosemary stems or thyme leaves. With these materials you get pleasant smells as well as driving off moths.

Cedar is the best way to get rid of pesky pests like moths and bugs. It’s also known as “organic moth balls,” but don’t worry – they last much longer than that! Cedar’s oils are powerful in repelling these creatures because it smells great too so you’ll never have an issue finding your clothes again.  The only downside is that you will need new cedar products every 2-3 months or so for closet storage purposes only; otherwise all those yummy scents will wear off quickly once exposed directly on counters/closet shelves.

Moth Balls Are So Smelly That You Don’t Want to Use Them

If you have never used them before, you probably don’t realize just how smelly they can be. This is a major problem for most people. There is a reason why they are usually just used for very long term storage trunks or similar. Don’t sniff too hard though because you will be inhaling poison.  Try spraying apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle as it smells much better. Also squirrels do not like cayenne powder.

The manufacturing of pesticides in itself is not good for the environment in any way. They often make their way to landfills after people get tired of them. While it is true that landfills get covered over in most instances, you are still releasing residual toxic materials into the environment. It is possible that when a moth ball gets thrown out, and birds attempt to use them for nests, thus causing them not to be able to reproduce.

Getting Rid of Moth Ball Smells Can Require Special Treatments

If you make the mistake of using a lot of these, then the smell may have permeated a lot of your home. If you stored some things nearby, it might be next to impossible to get rid of the odor. This is especially so if you went very heavy when spreading them around.

Homes that smell like them will benefit from being thoroughly aired out. Several days of airing out with large fans in place are ideal. You will want to use a respirator. Make sure that you get all them out and take them to your local trash service center for disposal. Make sure to tell them it is moth killer products, so they get disposed of properly.

If you bought a home and now realize it smells like moth killer products, you may want just to get a professional cleaner to come in. It can be a big job that you don’t want to have to deal with when trying to get into a new home.

Educating Others About Moth Killer Products

There are a lot of misconceptions and old wives’ tales out there about squirrel  repellents and squirrel control and other pests. It is important for the environment that those who know better refute any myths regarding using them for squirrels. If your friends or family are having trouble with squirrels, then steer them towards more humane and less smelly methods for squirrel repellents.

Why on earth would you want to deal with smelliness and toxic residues in your home for something that might not even work at all? While you don’t want squirrels in your attic chewing on wires, moth killer products are not the solution. Making sure your home is well sealed and there are no ways for squirrels to gain entry into your home or outbuildings is not very expensive and is a long term solution. There is a good chance that you never have a squirrel issue again if you get your home sealed against small intrusions from pests.

Moth ball pesticides are carcinogens. One of the more scary aspects of this method is that while they can have immediate major health effects they are also carcinogens. This means the more you expose yourself to these chemicals, the more you increase your chances of developing cancer later on in life. If you have kids, then you have even more to worry about. They are developing the systems of their body. So any negative substances are going to have a big effect on them.